The   Randalls

After researching my father's ancestry, it explained why he was the self confident man that he was.  He was born and raised in an all black town that was wholly self sufficient. North Brentwood: the first black city to be incorporated in Prince George's County, MD.

My 2nd great grandfather, Henry Randall was born August 24, 1842 in Anne Arundle, MD. in 1891 he purchased land in what would eventually be North Brentwood. 

My dad:
James Edward Johnson, Jr.

son of Ethel Randall

After receiving my DNA results last year, my life was totally changed. The man that I thought was a friend of my

mother's was really my dad.  It was a secret that she would take to her grave. She never counted on a tattletale like DNA to reveal her truth. Throughout my entire life, I felt that something wasn't  quite right. And the man who I would find to be my father was in my life through every one of my milestones.

I fo

Peter Randall

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