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Welcome to I started my  genealogy research journey in the late 60s when research involved asking questions and taking notes by hand. I have been involved in genealogy research because of my passion for history. I love finding out the history of everything.


A teacher once told me that black people in America really had no history. That spurred my interest even more to get involved with the history of my family.


While many believe that black genealogy research is next to impossible, I'm here to tell you that it's challenging, but not impossible. There is so much to learn through that challenge. Sometimes, while I am researching for my family I discover finds for others. That is just as much a joy as finding info about my own family.


The lady on the right has been my logo since I started this site over 10 years ago. It's been over 30 years since I "found" her in a thrift store in Los Angeles in the mid 80s. For me it was a super find. She represents the search for ancestors and history in black genealogy.


This site is a space for all researchers to find information and learn history. I believe that the study of history through genealogy opens a pathway to healing, knowledge and strength. 


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