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Connecting Maryland's Past to Louisiana's Present.


Things you should know to help with your DNA connections

  • The 1838 sale by the Jesuit priests was not the first, it was the biggest

  • Georgetown’s Jesuits sold dozens of slaves in 1817 then again to Florissant, Mo., in 1835. They sent slaves to St. Louis and Kentucky in the years that followed. They manumitted slaves in southern Maryland before 1838. Slaves who were never sold lived on campus and in Maryland well after the sale.

  • The 19th U.S.C.T. was recruited primarily from Maryland's Eastern Shore and southern counties, and was organized at Benedict Maryland in December of 1863.,,,The remainder of the regiment embarked for Brazos, Texas on June 5th, 1865 via steamship.  Once in Texas the regiment moved to Brownsville, where it remained until the end of it's term of service in January of 1867.

Areas where ancestors may have lived  and your DNA connections

Brazos, TX

Brownsville, TX

Flourissant, MO (Jesuit slave sale in 1835)

St. Louis

The Prather family came from England and farmed a large tract of land, called Plain Dealing, which included the current site of the graveyard. Because the plantation was large, the Prathers probably owned many slaves. After the Civil War, many of the slaves took the Prather last name and settled in nearby Prathertown, located in Gaithersburg. The graveyard is untended and overgrown and many stones are without inscriptions.

Series Information

(Freedom Records, Anne Arundel, Index)

Series Description

Card index to free blacks listed in Anne Arundel County certificates of freedom, for whom former owners are not named. Identified as Index 34. Entries give name, age, physical description, date, and citation. Provides references to the following records: ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY COURT Certificates of freedom series 1806-1851 [MSA C45 and CM789], ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Certificates of freedom series 1851-1864 [MSA C47 and CM794], and ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY REGISTER OF WILLS including Certificates of freedom series 1805-1864 [MSA C45 and CM798] and Certificates of freedom, original series 1807-1820 [MSA C48 and CM806].

Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy 1718-1820- Database of Slave Inventories and records.

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