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Bowling Green, Port Royal, Spotsylvania,Woodford, Milford, Madison, Reedy Church, Penola, Ashland, Fredericksburg, Shumansville

Maternal Grandparents

 William Woodford Harris     Mary Frances Jackson 

Allie Belle 
Marie Louise
William "Wille" Woodford, Jr.
Herman E.



Mike Richards - aka Rook

Lester Lowell
Raymond Earl, Sr.
Frances Suleda 
Sarah Ellen

Michael Adams


Tyler Adams



Cheyennis Doom

Chelkee Klovee

Mary Frances.jpg
I was trying to find out who this baby is and believe it may be my grandmother, Mary Frances Jackson. She was born in August 1889. I was looking at the chair and it was made in the late 1800s. This would make sense.
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