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Bowling Green, Port Royal, Spotsylvania,Woodford, Milford, Madison, Reedy Church, Penola, Ashland, Fredericksburg, Shumansville

Maternal Great Grandparents
Nellie Jackson & George Norman

Nellie Jackson & Willie Cooper

Constance Mason

Maternal Grandparents

 William Woodford Harris     Mary Frances Jackson 

Allie Belle 
Marie Louise
William "Wille" Woodford, Jr.
Herman E.



Mike Richards - aka Rook

Selina Starks

Lester Lowell
Raymond Earl, Sr.
Frances Suleda 
Sarah Ellen

Michael Adams


Tyler Adams



Cheyennis Doom

Chelkee Klovee

Mary Frances.jpg
I was trying to find out who this baby is and believe it may be my grandmother, Mary Frances Jackson. She was born in August 1889. I was looking at the chair and it was made in the late 1800s. This would make sense.
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